5 Templates for Rapid and Lasting Transformational Change 

With these proven strategies, you will:

  • Experience a secret “script” to always help clients when they get stuck, resistant, unmotivated or hopeless.
  • Practice strategies that replace clients’ limiting beliefs and habits with their own, unique healthy self-care behaviors (without having to think too much about it!)
  • Use these Templates with your clients right away - a fail-proof system where clients begin to experience their rapid and lasting transformation.
  • Guide your clients on their path to self-fulfillment, healing, and happiness.
  • Receive a BONUS: Short VIDEO Introduction on how to use the templates with your clients!

Dr. Birsinger is passionate about sharing her work that focuses on the development of an innovative system she designed for revealing the deeper meaning, purpose and intended positive outcome in unwanted or even detrimental behaviors, with a specialty in eating and weight-related behaviors.

Her work is based on 30 years extensive research and clinical practice, and influenced by her own cure and healing over 37 years ago, as well as inspiration from many others with whom she has worked and shared experiences.

Dr. Barbara Birsinger

Increase your client engagement and set them up for lasting results for transforming unwanted habits - and the beliefs that hold them in place.

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